Have to see:

If the hikes have left you some aches, you can enjoy the cultural heritage and the many exciting tours in our region. Among the most popular and the most interesting visits , we selected for you :

Petrifying fountains :


In the region of Saint-Nectaire , deep fractures allowed the ascent of volcanic magma from the upper mantle. This deep magma cooling down maintains a strong flow of heat in the basement. When precipitation water seeps , it heats up quickly and dissolves minerals (calcium, sodium , iron … ) rock it passes through . Between 3000 and 4500 m deep, the hot water quickly mixes with the carbon dioxide. Lightened by the ” gas lift ” after 40 years of underground route , it finds the surface along fractures. Coming out of the cracks , the sources are collected , channeled through a network of underground tunnels and routed to the scale of petrification . By creating small cascades scales cause high ventilation of water which increases the release of CO2 and allows the limestone deposit in the castings.

Toinette’s Museum:


Welcome to Murat-le-Quaire , the village of Toinette , peasant of the nineteenth century and Julien , his distant descendant , our contemporary. Listening to moving stories of their lives, the Scénomusée® invites you to discover two centuries of history of the Auvergne mountains … the old country to country tomorrow.

Castle’s Murol :


The guided tour is the flagship of Castle Murol visits. It attracts thousands of visitors every year from April to end octobre.Pendant about 1:30 , the comedy troupe ” Les Paladins du Sancy ” takes viewers through scenes of life of the thirteenth and fourteenth century. Visitors are accompanied by high court to discover the medieval arts and the castle in the Middle Ages. And always in the same spirit , they participate in a show in which knights , archers, swordsmen … indulge in a pageant ” edutainment ” on the field of honor. Children and adults are swept away in the past time for a visit full of action, laughs and surprises … .

Saillant’s Pottery:


At the heart of the pretty village of Saillant, the pottery workshop offers its traditional pottery, decorative and utilitarian objects glazed stoneware.

Jonas Caves:

Auvergne holds many surprises and unexpected riches . The caves of ” Jonas” is a gem , unforgettable. Between history, culture and daily life. In St. Pierre Colamine ( about 3km from Besse ), man has shaped the rock and created a tuff cliff (from stone volcanic eruptions ) a troglodyte site the ” Caves of Jonas .” In this rough and austere stone, the hand of man has achieved one of the most amazing architectural marvels of Auvergne.

Chaîne des Puys:


Composed of about 80 volcanoes aligned , this geological site is exceptional because of his youth and morphology . Fragility of the site , quality and consistency of landscapes, legible forms ( domes, craters and flows) , make the Chaîne des Puys a must Auvergne. This volcanic group is the largest in Europe and led to the ranking of the site in 2000. At present steps are being taken for its World Heritage designation by UNESCO.

The plateau of Gergovie :


The plateau of Gergovie ( previously ” plain Merdogne “) is located a few kilometers south of Clermont -Ferrand. It is the site of the Battle of Gergovia , Vercingetorix which pitted the Roman legions of Julius Caesar in -52 BC. AD The site of the museum presents the life of a Gallic city at the dawn of the Roman conquest. It covers the volcanic phenomena that make the Gergovie plateau with outstanding natural viewpoint as well as archaeological evidence of human occupation from the Neolithic site in the Gallic period. The film ” Gergovie , Story of a Battle ” can follow the adventures of the confrontation between 52 BC Caesar and Vercingetorix.



Instead of learning as much as leisure, Vulcania is a theme park that allows everyone to better understand how volcanoes and our planet. Bring science alive in the mode of sensation and emotion, while remaining true to its educational ambition, that is the challenge of Vulcania. A goal that significantly changes the site in the form and spirit, with a new articulation between attraction and knowledge, between emotion and knowledge. Young and old can gather around attractions and enriching workshops. Choosing a scenography both livelier and more involving up the emotion aroused in visitors to the heart of the adventure. It becomes a great knowledge of vector to better share and understand the major challenges of the 21st century. Theme park centered on observation and experience, Vulcania contribute fully in line with its educational ambition, understanding of the sometimes violent natural phenomena that govern our planet.

The Michelin adventure :




Faced with the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility ( 1.6 billion vehicles worldwide by 2030) , L’Aventure Michelin offers you the opportunity to discover solutions devised by Michelin to address these issues as diverse as the scarcity of raw materials , the impact on the environment and road safety … through interactive animations , are you trying to manufacture tire , discover the different professions that make up the research and revisit the competition as a test bed extreme tire . Younger guests will also confront the best drivers with video game controllers in a fun area , welcoming and vibrant.


The main Romanesque churches :


eglise st nectaire


Ten churches in the Puy-de-Dôme received the designation of ” major churches ” and help define the major Auvergne Romanesque architecture. Built by the Benedictine monks of La Chaise-Dieu or a style defined by them, they seem to have taken to model the former Romanesque cathedral of Clermont- Ferrand, now replaced by a Gothic building . The five major churches of complete type that remain are the Notre Dame du Port in Clermont -Ferrand, Saint- Austremoine Issoire church, the Church of Our Lady of Saint- Saturnin , the church of Saint -nectaire , Notre Dame Orcival ….

Have to do :

The Auvergne mountains are a natural jewel, but also full of rich traditional know-how , a renowned gastronomy . We offer some ideas for activities or outings to enrich your stay …. We tried to please sportsmen, curious , gourmet …


In addition to an internet connection, you will find books and walking maps and a selection of regional books authors ( Jean Anglade, Chistian Bouchardy … ) . A few meters from the rooms you can access the furnished climbing routes , hiking snowshoeing, skiing, cycling, walking or horse ! That amateur astronomers do not hesitate to come with their telescopes , our sky is preserved light pollution

Lac Chambon:



A few minutes you can follow the production of local products that make Auvergne ‘s reputation. The Saint- Nectaire , honey mountains and of course taste !


Many activities are available close to our accommodation at Mont Dore you can play golf in a unique setting , try the adventure of the ropes course, enjoy the skating rink or take a walk by dogsled . Le Mont Dore also offers a swimming pool and a cinema .




Lac Chambon , take off for a flight in balloon for an unforgettable view of the Massif du Sancy . Saint Nectaire , embark on a driving course 4×4 rough terrain ..


To 20min , two alpine ski resorts (Super Besse and Mont Dore station)



And after all this, you can relax in Thermadore in Saint Nectaire (15min eco -lodge ), where sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and swimming pool await you . We also invite you to discover the work of our artisans, among our favorites , we offer : the Sapchat clogs , leather work or in Murol Besse, pottery Saillant, etc. Taking the car you can access a number of additional activities .

The manufacture of local products through the road of the Auvergne cheeses ( marked route and map available at the tourist office ) to discover: Cantals , Salers, fourmes Ambert , Blue …

The water sports such as rafting and canoeing are practiced in the gorges of the Allier. Finally , many sites worth visiting , such as natural peatlands , the Cantal mountains or Livradois Drill , major cities like Vichy, Clermont -Ferrand or the Puy en Velay and historical as the Castle of Val or Castle Batisse .